Client's Challenge

Before the launch of Fresco, Fresco's Hypermarket struggled to keep up with the demand for delivery and had no way to track and manage orders efficiently. The process of placing orders and coordinating deliveries was confusing and unreliable, which was affecting the store's reputation.


To address these challenges, Kishul Solutions developed Fresco, a comprehensive grocery delivery app that includes an admin panel and point-of-sale (POS) system. The app allows customers to browse and order groceries from Fresco's Hypermarket, and the store can manage and track orders using the admin panel. The POS system also enables the store to process payments and keep track of inventory. The app also includes features such as real-time tracking, customizable delivery options, and a loyalty program for customers. The app also allows for easy communication between customers and the store, ensuring a smooth delivery process.


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  • Searching via different regional languages

    It is a feature that allows users to search and access content in multiple languages, providing convenience and accessibility for users with different language preferences.

  • Advanced Discounts on individual items

    This feature allows the user to apply discounts to specific items in the inventory, with the possibility of setting different levels of discounts and criteria to apply them, making it more sophisticated than simple percentage or fixed discounts.

  • Detailed Revenue Analysis (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)

    Stay on top of your finances with detailed Revenue Analysis and Income & Expense Log

  • Income & Expense Log

    Income and Expense Log is a feature that allows users to track and record financial transactions, including income and expenses, for the purpose of financial analysis and budgeting.

  • Point of Sale (POS) system

    This is a feature that provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for businesses to process transactions, track inventory, and manage customer information, which allows them to efficiently manage their retail sales operations.

  • Paired with Bluetooth printer & weighing machine

    It is a feature that allows the POS system to connect wirelessly with a Bluetooth enabled printer and weighing machine, enabling the business to print receipts and weigh items with ease and efficiency.

  • Advanced Inventory Management

    Is a feature that allows users to efficiently track and manage their inventory, including stock levels, reordering, and forecasting, with advanced tools and options such as real-time tracking, automated reordering, and detailed reporting.

  • Offline sales to other vendors and businesses

    Expand your business by making offline sales to other vendors and businesses.


Client Review

Durmil Chhayya

Director, Fresco's Hypermarket

"Fresco has made a huge difference in our business. The app is easy to use and has helped us to reach more customers. Kishul Solutions did an amazing job in developing the app and the admin panel and POS system has helped us to manage and track orders efficiently. We highly recommend them for their expertise in software development."