Client's Challenge

Before the implementation of Qwikcards, the process of collecting student data and generating identity cards at Durson Printers was manual and time-consuming. The store had to rely on manually collecting student data from schools, which was prone to errors and inconsistencies. Additionally, the process of generating and printing identity cards was also manual and time-consuming, leading to delays in delivery.


We developed a web application that is used by students, teachers, school in-charge of multiple schools and the admin (printer store owner). This web-app has a hierarchical structure where the teachers checked the student data. We also included ID card designing which saved 62% time of complete printing cycle for the client. With Qwikcards, the printing store can easily collect student data, generate identity cards and have them delivered to the school on time.


Custom Software Development Student Management System Custom Software Development Custom Software Development
  • Student Management System

    Enter and manage important information about students at the school.

  • Fully customizable identity card designing

    Printing company can design ID card templates on the portal

  • Automated PDF generation

    Generation of the ID of each student from template and customized as per the printer slot punches

  • Standard Promotion

    When the year ends, the students can be promoted to next standard


Client Review

Durmil Chhayya

Owner, Durson Printers

“ Qwikcards has been a game-changer for our business. The platform has helped us to automate our process of collecting student data and generating identity cards, which has improved our efficiency and reduced errors and inconsistencies. Kishul Solutions did an amazing job in developing the platform and we highly recommend them for their expertise in business. “